katelyngettner.com is a venture started through the urging of the peers and professors of my formal education; more specifically it is a website devoted not only to the experience of blogging but also as a connected way of accessing my portfolio. 

Good design does not lead to a lack of connectivity because this website is as much about your experience as it is about mine.

I'm an open book, please ask me questions!

I can be reached for inquiries both through the comments section of my blog as well as at katelyngettner@gmail.com.

I am available for commissions upon request or you can find my work available through my etsy shop.

32 Awesome Things About Me

  1. I am an alumni of the ceramics department at the Kansas City Art Institute and studied under the tutelage of ceramic masters such as George Timock, Paul Donnelly, and Cary Esser. Also Tom Binger.
  2. While I went to school with some real chemistry nerds, I'm more interested in baking. 
  3. I fell in love with functional vessels, we're in a mutual affair with other interests. 
  4. I have two dogs. I will show them off as often as a mother with her first newborn child. 
  5. I'm from a small town south of the St. Louis area of Missouri. 
  6. In highschool I was more interested in painting than anything else and particularly hated working with clay. Whoops, how times have changed.
  7. My interests vary and I have a short attention span with... everything. 
  8. I've traveled some, most notably I spent a week in Germany and 3 days in Paris as my currently sole experience with abroad travels. 
  9. Number 8 is, I'm happy to say, no longer true! Summer 2014 I was able to spend a glorious month in Hungary on a study abroad making work and exploring the culture!
  10. Santa Fe's on my list. Coming at'cha.
  11. I own waaaaaaaaaay too many books. 
  12. So many books. 
  13. There are actually less than 32 awesome things about me. It's okay, my friends say there may be hope for me yet. This is the last awesome thing. 
  14. I lied, I'm stuck in the 90's although I was a child for most of the decade. 
  15. Double Lie, Clay. Get on that.