2/12/2014 / by Katelyn Gettner

This karafe that I recently found embodies things I both enjoy and dislike. On one hand the combination of the form with the transparency attract me in a way that ceramics cannot because of the added abilites of the glass of the piece. The intention is for you to be able to see the interior liquid which calls to question the function of the piece. Why put a dark uninventive liquid into this karafe when a clear liquid spiced up with myriad of different options like ice cubes frozen with lavender in them or fruit sliced up and placed in water would be so much more attractive?

What I do not find attractive about the form is the use of the gold luster paired with the black handle. The piece would have looked better with silver add-ons because visually the gold feels much heavier and warmed than the silver would.

Even though I dislike some of the aspects of this piece it is still important to me because it greatly informs me on aspects on my own personal aesthetic. 

While the form does not entirely appeal to me, the overall aesthetic of this container that I do find attractive lies in the basic nature of glass.