2/26/2014 / by Katelyn Gettner

The combination of Glass and Ceramics as a means
of artistic expression in studio practice

Jessamy Kelly

A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for
the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy
University of Sunderland

When I was searching online, as I often do, to gleam bits of precious information from others who find themselves desiring to combine ceramic and glass together, I stumbled across an article on an out of the way blog about a recent graduate named Jessamy Kelly. “The combination of glass and ceramics as a means of artistic expression in studio practice,” at first I assumed the author had taken her time to complete  a large thesis project in cold working glass and ceramics together. This is not the case.

I repeat this is not the case.

Dr. Kelly has based her thesis project off of the desire to combine glass and ceramics together in the hot state, fusing the two similar materials together in much the same way that a ceramics major would fuse thin layers of frit onto the outside of pots and call it glaze.

Woah. Just Woah. There’s no way that more people can’t possibly already know about this, especially since her dissertation in available for download offline. The implications of her research that culminated into success are staggering, not just to me, but surely to others as well. Centuries have passed with artists questing to combine these two materials and it has long since been ingrained that it is simply not possibly. And now this genius of a lady tells us we’re wrong?!

I know for a fact that this is going to greatly skew the forward trajectory of my path in my career and I cannot wait to get started!

Wedge Cast Milk Glass, Dr. Jessamy Kelly